This is an Intensive Exam Preparation Class for the students who haven’t learnt Japanese Language before and wish to apply for Study in Japan in very short period of time. Our strong research team of Japanese Language Instructors have proved that its very much possible to make students capable to appear in the exam of N5 Level or equivalent of JLPT, J.TEST, J-NAT TEST and TOP-J in very short period and pass with high score that many of the students have never imagined. As this is an intensive course, and due to lack of time, even a single hour of the classes remains very much important that negligence of students won’t be worthy or advantageous for them. We use different reference books of Japanese Language from our huge Library Collection. We advise our students to remain at our premises whole day as could as possible, to get the different guidance from our different instructors. We held daily 4 classes of Vocabulary, Grammar, Listening and Letters (Hiragana, Katakana & Kanji) 90 minutes each and students are strictly requested to study at home too and do the home works as assigned. We believe that if we could go with our Dream and Effort in parallel way Success is in our Hands. This course curriculum is one of the latest developed curriculum and highly effective curriculum in entire Nepal.

YES WE CAN!!! guarantee your 100% Successful result in N5 of JLPT, J.TEST, J-NAT & Top-J, if you guarantee us your 100% attendance and 100% Homework Submission within a month even if you are ZERO in Japanese Language.

Program Details:

Class Starting Date: 1st day of every month

Targeted Exam: J-NAT Test Every 2 Months

 Students Seat: Minimum 6 Students up to 20 Students

Class Venue : BJLI Suryabinayak & BJLI Baneshwor & BJLI Bagbazar & BJLI Tripurasundari & BJLI Banepa

Course Duration: 180 Hrs (6 hrs a day x 30 days)

Fee Structure: 15,000 Nrs. 

 Materials included in Fee: Entire the photocopies of Hands-out will be free.

Admission Fee: Nrs. 200 / Books & Listening: Nrs. 800

Note: Payment will be refunded if student fails despite of his/her 100% of attendance & 100% of Homework Submission

Text Book: 

Main Text Book: Minna no Nihongo I and II (up to 30 lessons)
Basic Kanji 500 (for Kanji Class)
Reference Text Book: Different Preparation Books and Past Questions Bank

Output of the program: 

1. Students will be able to communicate in simple Japanese Language in the level of the vocabulary and grammatical power within Minna No Nihongo II (30 Lessons).
2. Students will be able to pass Japanese Language Proficiency Test N5 or J-NAT Test 4th level with higher marks.