Academic background above +2 / intermediate to above
Age +2 pass until 25 years, Bachelor passes until 29 years and Master pass until 33 years can apply for student visa.

Required documents:

Documents certifying applicant

  • All academic certificates and transcripts

  • Photocopy of original citizenship certificate and its English translation

  • Original Passport

  • An Essay (purpose of study in Japan)

  • Recommendation letter from campus or working place which the student belongs

  • Gap certificate if the student has some gap in academic history

  • Other documents may be required

Documents certifying sponsor

  • Bank Balance certificate with statement for 3 years

  • Annual income certificate for 3 years

  • Occupation letter if your sponsor is employed

  • Company registration certificate if your sponsor runs company by himself

  • Other supported documents to prove how the income generated

  • Property valuation Documents

  • Tax clearance for 3 years

  • Relationship certificate to make sure the relationship between the student and his/her sponsor and Family members (Relationship certificate photo must be within 3 months)

  • Sponsor letter

  • Birth Certificate

  • Verification of business and income letter

  • Recommendation letter

*All the documents required intimidate issuing date with in 2 week from the application date.